Srilanka Water falls in sri lanka, living waterfalls in sri lanka forests Srilanka

Water Falls in Lanka

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Water Falls in Sri LankaThe mountains of Sri Lanka are embellished with a slew of picturesque waterfalls. Many of these splendid waterfalls lie unknown in the forests and remote tea plantation tracks. The numerous rivers of the island, fed adequately by two yearly monsoons, the topography of high and steeply scarped pen plains, and river beds of hard metamorphic rock, all set an ideal ground for the formation of waterfalls. The serene ambience of a waterfall with the sound of water rushing down along the rocky mountains will send many a visitor into ecstatic moments of reverie.

You will fall for these!

Ravana Falls
Situated on the Ella -Wellawaya road, this beautiful water fall lies visible from the main road itself. The water rushing down over several steps adds more hues to it’s sublime beauty. The main drop, however, is 30 ft. In height. It derives its name from the mythical king Ravana of the great Indian epic The Ramanya. A perfect place for a stop over.

Diyaluma Falls
On the Poonagala Oya river off the Koslanda- Wellawaya road over a straight rock wall. lies this magnanimous water fall, 559 ft in height. Its distance from Wellawaya town is 13 kms, while that from Koslanda is 6kms. Diyaluma is seen as a soft veil hanging endlessly from the top of a mountain. It is visible from the Balangoda - Wellawaya highway too.

Bopath Falls
Just 15 kms from the Colombo- Ratnapura road, it falls from a height of 100ft into the Kurd gang river. The formation itself is a rare beauty with a perfectly heart shaped head, resembling the leaf of the sacred Bo tree, hence the name Bopath. Also a popular picnic spot, it is bound to take your breath away.

Devon falls
This 280 ft high eyecatcher is best sighted from the 20th milepost on the Talawakelle -Nawalapitiya road.

Bambarakanda falls
789 ft in height, Bambarakanda is the tallest water fall of the island- a spectacle that reverberates the glory of nature in its every nuance. However, it throbs with life only during the wet season. The best way to access this marvel of nature is along a minor but mortable road via Haputale and Kalupahana, 22 kms from Balangoda or 32 km from Wellawaya.