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TrincoleeLocation: East Coast
The very old port of Trincomalee situated on the northeast coast of Sri Lanka has an idle natural harbor that has created the region an award to be fought over by foreign powers for generations. During the Second World War the port was an important British naval settlement, and now is home to the Sri Lankan Navy.
Erected on an isthmus with deep bays to seaward, Trincomalee is the biggest city in the region. With its imperative geographic location Trincomalee influence the focus of European powers in the beginning of the 17th century. The city has gone through an unforced tug-of-war, developed among the Portuguese, the Dutch, the French and the British, ultimately dropping in British hands in 1795. It continued to be the important port of British Empire in Asia, and from 1941-45 was the 'center of operations' of the Allied Southeast Asia commander Lord Louis Mount Batten.

Main Attractions of the City

Fort Frederick
The fort is perched at the northeast projection that divided Dutch Bay from Back Bay. It is first constructed by Portuguese and is now in the hands of the Sri Lankan military therefore; entry into the fort is not allowed. A cleave rock protruding high up to several meters above the sea level, called Swami Rock, is the tip of the Fort Frederick, named by the British. The gigantic Hindu temple dedicated Koneswara was erected here until it was destroyed by the Portuguese as the fort was occupied by the Dutch and the Portuguese. A novel shrine has been constructed at the same site. Swami Rock is also known as Lover's Leap point, it is said that a Dutch Officer's daughter had jumped after a collapsed affair.

Trincomalee Beaches
Nilaweli and Uppuveli 16 km and 6km north of the city respectively are among the best beaches in Sri Lanka. An ultimate resort for sun bathing and snorkeling.

Uppuveli: It is located at the center point of the city, the most accessible beach for those residing in Trincomalee. One can easily get taxi or autos for the beach.

Nilaveli: The Nilaveli beach extents over an area of 4 km and is one of the foremost beaches of the East Coast.

Due Attention
Due to problems in the East Coast it is absolutely arduous to visit Trincomalee. The travelling comprises of fleeting through repeated military checkpoints, and foreigners may well be forbidden authorization to travel at the caprice of the Sri Lankan defense forces. Travelers should take advice from the embassy before planning a visit to this part of the country.

Accessibility to Trincomalee
Trinocomalee is both linked by means of road and rail transport. The domestic airport is there but with no international base. The town enjoys a beautiful international seaport that receives ships from different parts of the world.