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SigiriyaLocation: North Central District
Dating back to over 7,000 years, Sigiriya portrays the ancient architectural tradition of Sri Lanka. It is the best preserved city centre in Asia from the first millennium, with its combination of buildings and gardens with their trees, pathways, water gardens, the fusion of symmetrical and asymmetrical elements, use of varying levels and of axial and radial planning. There is now a proposal to name Sigiriya as the Eighth Wonder of the world.

The Rock: The most significant feature of the Rock would have been the Lion staircase leading to the palace garden on the summit. Through the open mouth of the Lion had led the covered staircase built of bricks and timber and a tiled roof. But what remains now are the two colossal paws and a mass of brick masonry that surround the ancient limestone steps.

The two pockets of paintings surviving in the depressions of the rock face, about a 100 meters above the ground level, represent the earliest surviving examples of a Sri Lankan school of classical realism. There are also a few remnant paintings in some of the caves at the foot of the rock.

Water Gardens: Just inside the inner wall of the western precinct lies the water garden, consisting of water pavilions, pools, cisterns, courtyards, conduits and water courses which hold the fascination of the visitors.

Boulder Garden: At a higher level from the symmetrical water garden lies the boulder garden which is a totally different organic or asymmetrical concept, with winding pathways, natural boulders. It also has the Cistern Rock which has a large cistern made of huge slabs of granite. Besides, there is the Audience Hall rock, with a 5 metre long throne carved out of the rock.

The Terrace Garden: Lying at the base of the rock, it is fashioned out of the natural hill, made with rubbled retaining walls. Each terrace runs in a concentric circle around the rock, rising above the other.

The Palace Garden: It was the domestic garden with plenty of terraces and rock cut pools. It is at the top of the summit.

The Wildlife Sanctuary: The Sigiriya Sanctuary is in and around the famous Sigiriya rock and is adjacent to the Minneriya National park. The forest types are mainly dry evergreen forest, shrub forests, and dry deciduous forest. The fauna of Sigiriya is highlighted by the elephant population, which migrate to the area from time to time; sumbar and birds like eagle and falcon.

International: The nearest international airport as well as the sea port are at Colombo, 183 kms away.

Domestic: Internal connectivity is facilitated by an excellent network of rail and road transport system.

High class Hotel complexes exist along the sanctuary boundary. Besides, there are also various budget hotels and guest houses in and around Sigiriya.