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Shopping in Sri Lanka

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Shopping in Sri LankaFor the souvenir shopper Sri Lanka offers a whole treasure house. Small craft and souvenir shops surround virtually every resort hotel, with mementos to suit every budget. Bargaining is the order of the day.

What to Buy?
The best bargains are carved wooden masks, leather goods such as bags and belts. Silver and gold jewellery and precious gemstones like rubies and sapphires are widely sold. Hand-woven textiles, sarongs, fabrics and brassware are other good picks. Ceramic drinking gourds, batiks, bronze and tea are other items which deserve to be bought. Beware!

Tourists should be careful while buying gems on the street or from dealers. They offer irresistible bargains, however, on returning home, the stone bought may turn out to be worthless. Goods made from ivory, turtle shell, coral reefs or reptile skin of any kind should totally be avoided, for they are illegal and the new purchases will be confiscated by customs at time of the homeward journey.

Also, never go to a shop with a tout or a guide. You will only end up paying more.

Where to Buy?
The best place for buying gemstones is Ratnapura, the “gem city” of Sri Lanka. If bought from Colombo one should confine only to the reputed gem centres.The best wooden masks are found in Ambalangoda.

Odel Pvt Ltd, Colombo 7; Majestic City,Galle Road,Colombo 4 and Liberty Plaza, R. A. Demel Mawatha, Colombo 3 are the best shopping centres in Colombo.

Shopping Hours: Monday-Friday 8 am-5 pm. Most stores are closed on Saturday afternoons.