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Temple In KandyHistorical records suggest that the original city Senkadagalapura was established by the King Wickramabahu III during the period of his reign from 1357-1374 AD. The history of Kandy and it's townscape has been in a state of flux from the beginning of British rule, particularly after the 1818 rebellion. But with its rich heritage of living monuments, Kandy continues to be the cultural capital of Sri Lanka. Today, Kandy city is well known for its scenic beauty, favorable climate, cultural values and historical significance.

Reaching Kandy
Air: The nearest international airport is at Colombo, 116 kms away.

Sea: Colombo is also the International sea port.

Road and Rail: There are excellent rail and road services which connect Kandy to other parts of the country.

Car hire: This is available from several international agencies.

Food for the Eyes and Soul

Dalada Maligawa: With its Sinhalese style architecture, this is undoubtedly the greatest attraction of the city. Dalada Maligawa is one of the most sacred places for the Buddhists all over the world. The most prominent feature of the building is the Octagon, the place from where the king addressed the public on important occasions.

Maha Vishnu Devale: Located towards the northwest of the palace, this is a shrine built in the 18th century and dedicated to Lord Vishnu of the Hindu Pantheon, but also worshiped by the Buddhists.

Natha Devale: Dating back to the 14th century, this is oldest shrine in Kandy and one of the best examples showing the influence of South Indian architecture.

Gangarama Vihara: 2 kilometers to the east of the Palace complex, this is an image house built around a ten metre high standing Buddha statue, carved out of an in-situ natural rock.

Hindalgara Vihara: Situated amidst the serene ambience of a location covered with long green trees and bounded by a cascading stream flowing through the forest, this is an ancient temple belonging to the Malwatta Vihara. It is at the Peradeniya - Galaha road.

Lankatilaka Vihara: This image house is considered to be one of the best examples of extant traditional Sinhalese temple architecture.

Botanical Gardens of Peradeniya: Surrounded by the river Mahaweli on three sides and connected to the opposite bank by a suspension bridge, this is the best garden in the country. The garden is a paradigm of the wealth and beauty of the tropics with over hundred varieties of palm trees, wondrous arches of glossy foliage, lovely fernery and orchid houses with rare blossoms and spice trees in groves. It is located at Peradeniya.

The Lake: Located at the center of the city, the lake with a traditional artistic feature is attractive and keeps the environment cool- a prime reason for the city being considered as one of the best tourist resorts of the island. The banks of the lake is dotted with a variety of trees of which some are historic. Naturally, the narrow path along the Lake is a popular hang out zone for the city dwellers, particularly the lovers.

The annual average rainfall is around 1905-3175 mm. The main rainfall season is South-west monsoon. During the Inter-monsoonal seasons, thunderstorm showers are frequent in the central island. Kandy has an average temperature level between a range of 21-26 C.

Famous Festivals
Esala Perahera: This is the world famous pageant of elephants and light which takes place every year in August. The Tooth Relic of the Buddha (widely believed to be an actual tooth of the Lord Buddha) is carried in a sacred casket around the city during this ritual. Only a specially trained tusker is entrusted with the task of carrying the Tooth Relic. Taking place once a year in Kandy, it is held for two weeks in July or August - the actual dates depending on the phases of the moon.

Local Transport: There are metered taxis with yellow top and red and white plates. Drivers expect a 10 percent tip.

Best Bargains: Souvenirs in wood, copper, silver, brass, ebony, and bronze. Ceramics, lacquer work, handlooms, batiks, jewellery and rush and reed-ware can also be purchased.

Tourists have a wide choice of accomodation ranging from hotels and inns to guest houses and private homes.