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Jaffna FortLocation: Northern Coast
The north of Sri Lanka, ending up in the Jaffna Peninsula, is the country's Tamil heartland has been in news for the wrong reasons, for it is the focus of the horrific civil war of the 1980s and 1990s. The LTTE was driven out of its strongholds in Jaffna and other towns and villages in government offensives from 1995 onward, but remained a force to be reckoned with, and travel throughout the north is presumed unsafe.In contrast to the rich tourism pickings of south and central Sri Lanka, Jaffna and the north and east have relatively little to offer the average tourist.

Places of Interest
Jaffna Fort:
If tourism in the region is restored, a sight worth seeing is the Jaffna Fort. Built by the Dutch to command the lagoon,it is a typical star fort of the late 18th century covering an area of more than 49 acres.

Named after the Dutch town, it is an island, 35km from Jaftna, with a small Dutch fort.

Mannar Island:
Mannar Island, linked to the mainland by a 3km causeway, is the westernmost point of Sri Lanka, and is at one end of 'Adam's Bridge', the line of rocks, shoals and islands dotted between India and Sri Lanka. Earlier, when times were happy, a ferry connected Sri Lanka to the subcontinent.

Getting There
Air: No domestic flights.

Rail: Trains connect the city with the major tourist towns.

Road: An extensive network of bus services is facilitated by the Sri Lanka Central Transport Board. Besides, tourists can hire cars from the local travel and tour agents.