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BirdwatchingBeing home to a large number of fascinating avians, Sri Lanka is the ornithologist's paradise. A total 431 species of birds have been recorded so far out of which 251 are resident and 23 are endemic to the island. Most of the endemic birds are confined to the wet zone.

The ideal places to steal a view of the endemic birds are Sinharaja Natural World Heritage, Horton Plains National Park and the Peak Wilderness Sanctuary.

Coastal wetlands of Bundala and Yala National Parks and Muturajawela & Bellanwila Marsh provide a good place of habitation for migratory shore birds. Migratory tree warblers, thrushes, cuckoos etc. can be seen in the forests. The large reservoirs in the dry zone draw various species of ducks, terns and herons. Flocks of visiting flamingoes have brought immense fame to Bundala.

Sinharaja is a great tropical rain forest spanning across Galle, Matara and Ratnapura. It offers some splendid views of the endemic birds found in the island. It offers such a wide variety for the bird watchers that even an entire lifetime will be insufficient to unearth its mysteries. It is home to a number of endemic birds such as the black-crested bulbul, whistling thrust, Sri Lanka white eye etc.

246 kms southeast of colombo, Bundala is the birdwatcher’s paradise. It is the terminating point of a vast migration of birds from the north. At any given point of time from August to April it hosts over 20,000 shore birds. The lagoons and the inter-tidal mud provide safe nesting and feeding place for wintering birds. Migratory Stints, Sand Pipers, Plovers, Terns, Gulls, Ducks, and Flamingos, in vast numbers, co-habit with the resident water birds such as Herons, Egrets, Pelicans, Cormorants, Teals, Storks, Stilts, and Grebes, to create a colourful blend for the tourists to relish.

Yala (Ruhuna) National Park
Situated 309 km. south of Colombo, Yala spans over an area of 1,259 and shares its northern frontiers with the Lahugala Elephant Sanctuary. The vegetation ranges from open parkland to dense jungle. The entire park is dotted with water holes, small lakes, lagoons which are home to flocks of birds which holds the fascination of the bird watchers.